(United Dioceses of Cashel, Ferns, Leighlin, Lismore, Ossory & Waterford)

Suggested Recorded Music

Suggested Recorded Music –January/February 2018

This list is not only for those with no organists; anybody may use it, but if you have an organist, you do have a wider choice. Use the “Canticles” CDs and MDs. I discovered recently that some parishes do not know where to get the CDs – ring the RCB and they will put you through to “Publications” – I think in order to get used to using our new supplement, the best advice, at the moment, might be to try to sing those set to tunes you know! Use the helpful index at the back of the book to guide you – the same goes for the big hymnbook! It is possible to link the hymns to the readings for any day – finding your way around the back of the musical books can make making choices much easier – when you find matches, record them in a book/on computer!

Epiphany 1 – 7th January – Hymns from the “Epiphany” section are suitable for the next 4 Sundays – “The Baptism of Jesus”  may also be celebrated on this day; so hymns suitable for Baptism may also be used – 96(CD12,MD6); 66(CD4,MD2);  4(CD1,MD1); 324(CD19,MD9); 58(CD4,MD2); 369(CD22,MD11); 349(CD21,MD10); 695(CD39,MD19); 431(CD26,MD13); 299(CD18,MD9); 111(CD7,MD4); 295(CD18,MD9); 652(CD37,MD18); T&P 60, 123,

Epiphany 2 – Sunday, 14th January  –581(CD49.MD25); 51(CD48,MD25); 567(CD32,MD16); 226(CD14,MD7); 398(CD24,MD12); 694(CD50,MD26); 132(CD8,MD4); 421(CD25,MD12); 112(CD,7,MD4); 630(CD36,MD18); 382(CD23,MD11); 549(CD32,MD16); 219(CD14,MD7); 395(CD48,MD25); T&P 110 (Psalm 139), 23, 36

Epiphany 3 – Sunday, 21st   January –10(CD1,MD1); 52(CD4,MD2); 306(CD18,MD9); 199(CD12,MD6); 557(CD32,MD16); 353(CD21,MD10); 668(CD39,MD19); 381(CD23,MD11); 432(CD26,MD13); 631(CD36,MD18); 597(CD34,MD17); 218(CD14,MD7); 94(CD6,MD3); 418(CD25,MD12); 195(CD12,MD6); 488(CD28,MD14); T&P 25, 42, 9 ,

Epiphany 4/Presentation – Sunday, 28th January – – 52(CD4,MD2); 92(CD6,MD3); 84(CD6,MD3);  193(CD12,MD6); 691(CD39,MD39); 400(CD24,MD12); 130(CD8,MD4); 529(CD30,MD15); 518(CD30,MD15); 203(CD13,MD6); 211(CD13,MD7); 104(CD7,MD3); 514(CD29,MD14) ; T&P 227, 71, 12

2nd before Lent – Sunday, 4th th February –683(CD39,MD19); 96(CD48,MD25); 8(CD1,MD1); 453(CD27,MD13); 17(CD1,MD1); 25(CD2,MD1; 435(CD26,MD13); 42(CD3,MD2); 259(CD16,MD8); 39(CD3,MD2); 427(CD25,MD12); 350(CD21,MD10); T&P 81, 225, 146


Suggested Recorded Music –February – March  2018

The lists below are suggestions only. What you sing at worship is always with the consent of the Rector; but mostly they leave it to whoever plays the organ/piano, CD or whatever your usual custom is. Do, at least, play an unfamiliar tune as a voluntary or during communion occasionally. It’s too easy to get into the habit of singing a very small selection. Music enhances worship. If you do not have a full set of CDs or MPs, why not buy a new one every so often until you have a full set? There are CDs for the canticles – ring Church House for purchases. Enjoy singing during worship; that ability is a wonderful gift from the Lord.


2nd Sunday before Lent – Sunday 4th February 2018 – 683(CD39,MD19); 96(CD48,MD25); 8(CD1,MD1); 453(CD27,MD13); 17(CD1,MD1); 25(CD2,MD1; 435(CD26,MD13); 42(CD3,MD2); 259(CD16,MD8); 39(CD3,MD2); 427(CD25,MD12); 350(CD21,MD10); T&P 81, 225, 146

Sunday before Lent – Sunday 11th February2018 – 325(CD20,MD10); 711(CD40,MD20); 643(CD37,MD18); 386(CD23,MD11); 97(CD6,MD3); 406(CD24,MD12); 503(CD29,MD14); 362(CD21,MD11); 481(CD28,MD14); 482(CD28,MD14); 613(CD35,MD17); 553(CD32,MD16); 490(CD28,MD14); 613(CD35,MD17); 478(CD28,MD 14); T&P  19, 25, 42

Ash Wednesday – 14th February 2018 – 647(CD37,MD18); 509(CD29,MD14); 592(CD34,MD17);

557(CD32,MD16); 566(CD32,MD16); 207(CD13,MD7); 635(CD36,MD18); 566(CD32,MD16); 643(CD37,MD18); 553(CD32,MD16); T&P 75, 98, 110

1st Sunday in Lent – 18th February 2018 – 207(CD13,MD7); 614(CD35,MD17); 592(CD34,MD17); 492(CD28,MD14); 200(CD13,MD6);  611(CD35,MD17); 599(CD34,MD17); 712(CD40,MD20); 260(CD16,MD8); 603(CD49,MD26); 408(CD24,MD12); 439(CD26,MD13); T&P 52, 81, 158

2nd Sunday in Lent – 25th February 2018  – 59(CD4,MD2); 545(CD31,MD15); 108(CD7,MD4); 323(CD19,MD9); 492(CD28,MD14); 419(CD25,MD12); 447(CD26,MD13); 570(CD33,MD16); 244(CD15,MD7);  588(CD33,MD17); 338(CD20,MD10); T&P 60, 120, 144

3rd Sunday in Lent – 4th March 2018 – 34(CD2,MD1); 383(CD23,MD11); 606(CD49,MD26); 515(CD30,MD15); 696(CD39,MD19); 384(CD23,MD11); 638(CD49,MD25); 193(CD12,MD6); 248(CD15,MD7); 336(CD20,MD10); 343(CD20,MD10); 327(CD20,MD10);  T&P 10, 52, 57