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Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

Commissary’s Letter – June 2022


The view outside the window of the Rectory Office as I type is one bathed in sunshine. I can hear the birds singing as they enjoy the warmth and the scent that is coming through from the lilac bush in the garden. The purple flowers remind me that, though there is some purple in the diocese at the moment, it is not represented by a new bishop……yet. The process has started though and the Episcopal Electors met only last night (Friday May13th  – not that we are in any way suspicious).

The next step is a meeting in Christchurch Cathedral on May 20th where we meet with all those representing their Diocese and votes. After Holy Communion and instruction on the workings of the College we will begin to ascertain those willing to go forward for consideration. When that has been done, there will be a break until the 23rd June for the second meeting and the start of the voting procedure. There is another meeting after that should there be no “white smoke” on that occasion. Please hold the process and the candidates in prayer during this time of confidentiality and anticipation. Remember those representing our diocese are bound by the same confidentiality and may not share the names of the potential frontrunners!

In the meantime, the day-to-day work of the Diocese continues. There is a sudden burst of fundraisers not possible for so long. There are meetings on Zoom as well as meetings in person recognising the new way we can work together and also the ever-increasing price of fuel.

The Diocesan Review Commission continues its valuable work and we look forward to the final report which will be presented at Synod in the Autumn. In the meanwhile, if you have a chance to have your say on the future of our diocese, please take the opportunity when it arises.

Best wishes