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Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

The Diocesan Eco-Awards

Diocesan Eco Awards 2019

The Diocesan Environment Committee, EcoCFO, invites parishes and other relevant organisations, to apply for consideration in the competition for a Diocesan Eco Award 2019.  There are eight categories and awards will be given at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  Applications may be made under multiple categories but due to restricted funds only one prize will be awarded to each parish/organisation. Please also note that the decision of the Committee, in every instance, is final.

Please contact Ms. Lesley Bayley, Chairperson, EcoCFO (Email: for an application form.  Deadline for applications is Monday 9 September.

The awards will be made at Diocesan Synod on 23 October 2019 and to which winners will be invited in advance.

Diocesan Eco Awards 2019 Categories:


Description: Attentiveness to the environment during capital improvement.

Eligibility: Where a parish has invested in capital improvement, e.g. insulation of glebes, major replacement or purchases of electrical equipment, church renovation.


Description: Environmental consciousness within the parish.

Eligibility: A parish that pays particular attention to environmental details in its day to day running i.e. Identifies waste and excess, makes changes that are environmentally sound or promotes a particular local initiative.


Description: The use of outdoor spaces creatively for the development of spirituality and/or promotion of wholeness and healing.

Eligibility: The parishes that have imaginatively used their outdoor areas for the development of spirituality or other faith-based activities.  Also those who may have opened their grounds for use by the parish or wider community especially mindful of those affected by mental and other health issues, social exclusion and all those who would benefit from working in nature.


Description: The development of educational projects and the motivation of primary school age children.

Eligibility: Parishes that have created an innovative method of involving children in the care of the environment through student-led projects.


Description: The development of educational projects and the motivation of secondary school age young people.

Eligibility: Parishes that have created an innovative method of involving young people in the care of the environment through student-led projects.


Description: The development and maintenance of church environs.

Eligibility: Parishes that maintain or have developed their church environs with a particular awareness of the environment in their local area, biodiversity, pollinator-friendly planting/management etc.


Description: Our Christian approach to the developing world.

Eligibility: Parishes, or church-based organisations, that have undertaken a project emphasising the effect of global warming and environmental abuse on developing countries in consultation, if appropriate, with Bishops’ Appeal, Christian Aid or other development agencies.


Description: The raising of awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues through practical project work at school.

Eligibility: The school must clearly show a commitment to environmental awareness and initiatives, over and above, what is necessary to receive the Green Flag award and other national awards.  This should be supported by photographs and an account of what has been done, written by both pupils and teachers.

Examples of prize winners

    • Clonenagh Union (composting toilets)
    • Tipperary for Motivation of the Young (encouraging local schools to plant wildflowers and erect nest boxes)
    • Kilkenny Union  for Environmental awareness (undertaking a waste audit, having a walk to church Sunday etc.)