Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

Suggested Recorded Music

Recorded Church Music 2021

Year B

March/April 2021

This list is not only for those with no organists; anybody may use it, but if you have an organist, you do have a wider choice. Use the “Canticles” CDs and MDs. I discovered recently that some parishes do not know where to get the CDs – ring the RCB and they will put you through to “Publications” – I think in order to get used to using our new supplement, the best advice at the moment might be to try to sing those set to tunes you know! Use the helpful index at the back of the book to guide you – the same goes for he big hymnbook!

It is possible to link the hymns to the readings for any day – finding your way around the back of the musical books can make making choices much easier – when you find matches, record them in a book/computer!

 Sunday, 7th March – Lent 3 – 34(CD2,MD1); 383(CD23,MD11); 606(CD49,MD26); 515(CD30,MD15); 696(CD39,MD19); 384(CD23,MD11); 638(CD49,MD25); 193(CD12,MD6); 248(CD15,MD7); 336(CD20,MD10); 343(CD20,MD10); 327(CD20,MD10);  T&P 10, 52, 57

 Sunday 14th March – Lent 4/Mothering Sunday –56(CD4,MD2); 647(CD37,MD18); 541(CD31,MD15); 651(CD37,MD18); 30(CD2,MD1); 484(CD28,MD14);  583(CD33,MD16); 352(CD21,MD10); 372(CD22,MD11); 227(CD14,MD7); 525(CD30,MD15); 601(CD34,MD17);

 St Patrick – 17th March – St. Patrick – 24(CD2,MD1); 491(CD28,MD14); 611(CD35,MD17); 540(CD31,MD15);  321(CD19,MD9); 365(CD22,MD11);  569(CD33,MD16);  96(CD48,MD25); 459(CD27,MD13);

 Lent 5- Sunday, 21st  March –  293(CD18,MD9); 575(CD33,MD16); 310(CD18,MD9); 627(CD35,MD17); 294(CD18,MD9); 629(CD36,MD18); 654(CD50,MD26); 420(CD49,MD25); 614(CD35,MD17); 415(CD25,MD12); 490(CD28,MD14);  115(CD7,MD4);

Palm Sun – Sunday, 28th  March – 78(CD5,MD3); 217(CD14,MD7); 239(CD15,MD7); 124(CD8,MD4);  168(CD10,MD5); 431(CD26,MD13); 134(CD8,MD4); 228(CD14,MD7); 326(CD20,MD10);   102(CD7,MD3);  117(CD7,MD4); 429(CD25,MD12);

 During Holy Week, hymns in the “His Suffering and Cross”  and “ Holiness” sections are suitable

 Easter – Sunday, 4th April – All hymns between Nos 250 – 292 are suitable during the Easter season.  91(CD6,MD3);  96(CD48,MD25); 711(CD40,MD20); 96(CD48,MD25); 197(CD12,MD6); 466(CD27,MD13); 78(CD5,MD3); 328(CD20,MD10); 408(CD24,MD12); 91(CD6,MD3); 431(CD26,MD13); T&P  5 (Tune 712Red Bk), 57, 125

 Easter 2 – Sunday, 11th April –330(CD20,MD10); 523(CD30,MD15); 81(CD5,MD3); 563(CD32,MD16); 16(CD48,MD25); 522(CD30,MD15); 438(CD26,MD13); 532(CD30,MD15); 428(CD 25,MD12); 373(CD22,MD11); 415(CD25,MD12); 379(CD23,MD11); 424(CD25,MD12);

T&P 60, 75, 54