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Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

Liturgical Resources for Family Worship in Advent

The Liturgical Advisory Committee (LAC) of the Church of Ireland, in collaboration with the Children’s Ministry Network, have produced a Service of the Word for each Sunday in Advent, along with supporting resources. Recognising that there is still uncertainty in terms of the pandemic’s impact on gathering together, the materials have been developed in a ‘pandemic conscious’ manner and may be adapted for in-person or online worship.
For each Sunday in Advent, themes drawn from the readings have given shape both to the liturgical elements and the accompanying suggestions for scriptural reflection and experiential prayer. The progression of themes—Wonder, Letting Go, Take Heart, and Hope—are intended to create a sense of pilgrimage through the Advent season.
Lydia Monds, a member of the LAC children’s sub–group and co–ordinator of the Children’s Ministry Network, writes: ‘Children are captivated by Christmas. Not just the possibility of presents, but the preparation, the lights, the anticipation. They are ready to chat and to engage with the message of what it is and more accurately who it is we are anticipating. The orders of service and supplemental materials prepared for this resource invite children and families to interact with different parts of the incredible story of “Immanuel – God with us”, whether they are engaging from home or in person. These services are an invitation to reflect and engage together through the journey of Advent, and in doing so, to make room for Christ this Christmas.’
The resources are available at this link: