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Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

Parish Photographers Make A Start

The first parish photographers’ network meeting took place on Saturday last, April 8th, in Kilkenny.

The group was welcomed by Bishop Michael Burrows who looked forward to the network building over time and parish activities being further documented for posterity.

Charles Galloway, award-winning wildlife photographer based in Waterford, provided general guidelines related to taking good photographs. These included the consideration of composition, balance, viewpoint, leading the eye and the rule of thirds.

The photo needs of the Diocesan Magazine were highlighted by its editor, the Reverend Patrick Burke, who said that the best zoom lens is often one’s two legs – take photographs from too far away and the cropped images may not be clear enough.

He also requested that photos for the Magazine be sent by email firstly to one’s rector and that they be carefully captioned to avoid mix-up with other photos labelled ‘parish sale’, for example, from other parts of the Diocese, that he may receive.

Canon Susan Green spoke of the Diocesan Facebook page having an important following and of how getting photos from around the Diocese is important for that also and of how any post on the FB page that has a photo gets more attention than a post without one.

DCO Margaret Hawkins talked of getting the best out of one’s smartphone camera – very sophisticated pieces of equipment that are replacing digital cameras for many people and are always to hand for that sudden, welcome photo opportunity – and how practice and taking the time to digest your phone’s user manual or watch You Tube instruction videos in relation to one’s own brand of phone can help greatly with increasing picture-taking know-how over time.

She also spoke of Diocesan website needs in relation to photos (e.g. smaller jpgs are needed so that they don’t slow down the website) and of how a stock of close-up generic ‘occasion’ photos e.g. summing up a table quiz or indicating a coffee morning were needed for illustrating website posts and event notices. Editing and resizing images was also discussed.

Bishop Michael Burrows reminded the group that while photo-taking was inappropriate during church services the capturing, afterwards, of ‘inspiring shots of human energy outside our churches’ was very important.

Safeguarding Trust rules related to taking photographs of children were discussed (names of children can never be used in captions, for example) and the get-together ended with some useful practice in the Bishop’s House grounds.


Taking photos of parish activities is very important as photographs provide a window to our world for future generations to view us through.

If photos are taken regularly in a parish it means that there will be an excellent stock of images for parishes’ own Facebook pages and website, if they have one, and it will also mean that a supply of photographs will be available if any group/union of parishes wish to publish a booklet about their parish in the future, for example.

Images sent in by rectors also traditionally provide a ‘bank’ of snapshots for the Diocesan Magazine – much loved for its photos and parish news round-ups. 

Nowadays, good photos are also needed, regularly, for the Diocesan Facebook page and the Diocesan website.

The Parish Photographers’ Network has been set up to find at least one person in each group/union of parishes who would like to take on this important role.

If you are interested in being involved it’s not too late – please contact

It is hoped that this network meeting will become an annual event and that, over time, there will be representation from all parishes in the Diocese.  DCO


Those present at the first event were:

Bishop Michael Burrows

Canon Susan Green

The Reverend Patrick Burke

The Reverend Peter Cole-Baker (Wexford)

The Reverend Alison Seymour-Whiteley

The Reverend Richard Seymour-Whiteley

Charles Galloway (Waterford)

Ger James (Carlow)

Susan Sherwood (Kells)

Jackie Murray (Cashel)

Carolyn Good (Bunclody & Carlow)

Norman Storey (Fiddown)

Hazel Corrigan (Tullow)

Harry Reid (Kells)

Richard Codd (Tullow)

Margaret Hawkins