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Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

The Revd Mellissa Jeffers begins her ministry in Fiddown



REVD MELLISSA JEFFERS (part-time priest-in-charge)

St Paul’s Church, Piltown on Friday 28th November 2014.

rev. Mellissa 6

The Revd Mellissa Jeffers pictured with the Bishop before her service of introduction as part-time priest-in-charge to the Union of Fiddown parishes in St Paul’s Church, Piltown on Friday 28th November 2014.

MJ1 Rev Mellissa

Clerical line-up for the serivce of introduction for the Revd Melissa Jeffers on

Friday 28th November 2014 

‘All people that on earth do dwell’ was the familiar hmyn that opened the service with the congregation led by Ms Kelly Caldbeck, organist.

The Bishop introduced the service and greeted the congregation made up from those parishes in the Fiddown Union and also from further field, especially from the Diocese of Connor from where the Revd Mellissa was transferring.

The Archdeacon, the Very Revd Andrew Orr, then presented her to the Bishop for the ceremony.

The lessons were read by Mr Leslie Bowers and the Revd Tony Murphy with Gospel read by the Revd James Mulhall.

The Revd Elizabetih Hanna from the Diocese of Connor based her address on the three readings.

MJ2 Rev. Mellissa 2

Lady Waterford welcomes the Revd Mellissa

The Bishop then introduced the Revd Mellissa Jeffers to be commended as priest-in-charge.

Having entrusted her to share in the care of God’s people in the parish, caring alike for young and old, strong and weak, rich and poor and also proclain the Gospel.

The Bishop then presented Mellissa to the congregation as their new priest and pastor to enthusiastic affirmation.

Coming to the final part of the ceremony the Bishop exhorted the congregation to live together through the Holy Spirit with all humility and gentleness with patience, love and peace.

Symbolically members of the congregation presented various items to Mellissa.  Mr Norman Storey brought a bible from the pulpit; Ms Corinne Power O’Mahoney presented a container of water from the font; Mr Hew Bowers and Ms Emma McMahon brought a copy of the Book of Common Prayer from the Prayer Desk; Mr John Thompson brought forward bread and wine; Ms Heather Byrne presented a vial of oil; Ms Diane O’Dea presented a towel representing the washing of feet; and Archdeacon the Ven. Chris Long presented copies of the Diocesan Directory and finally Ms Ruth Kennington as churchwarden brought forward the key of the church, which the Bishop remarked, hoped to keep the church open rather than locked. The Prayers of the People were led by the Revd Mellissa and she then announced the services for the Union for the following Sunday.


MJ3 Rev. Mellissa 4

Ann Phelan T.D., John Paul Phelan T.D. and John and Josephine Burke Piltown Community Centre

After the services speeches of welcome were made in the church: Mr Ron Dool from Fiddown Union, Fr Pascal Moore parish priest from Templorum, Mr Wattie Walsh, Chairman of the Iverk Show, Cllr Anne Phelan TD Minister of State; MC for this part of the occasion concluded with some appropriate words of welcome of his own and the congregation along with their new priest retired to partake of refreshment and fellowship.