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Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

Dear Lord… Mothers’ Union new book of prayers

Introducing a brand new Mothers’ Union prayer book. A collection of 100+ prayers and reflections contributed by members across the world. £3.00

Available through Mothers’ Union branches and website



Moira Thom, editor says:

“It has been a great success with the first print run of 5000 sold in a few weeks. Second print run is being delivered to Mary Sumner House next week!’ ‘

Moira co-edited this book with two MU colleagues from Wales and Canada, meeting weekly via Skype.

“Having conceived the idea we sent out an appeal to members across the world for prayers and poems.

We hoped for 100 but they flooded in from every part of the MU world – from Australia to Argentina, South Korea to Malawi. In a matter of weeks, around 400 contributions had landed in my Inbox and from those the book was created. My prayer is that those who purchase a copy will be richly blessed as they read and pray the words of people in every part of God’s world.”

For a flavour of the prayers see those below:


Thank you, Lord,

for Spring’s gentle welcome to new life and growth;

for the Summer sun and warming winds, giving us a blazing variety of colourful flowers;

for Autumn trees with golden leaves and fruits in abundance;

for Winter weather bringing sparkling frosts and dazzling snow.

May we value your precious world and do nothing to upset its perfect pattern.

This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen


Dear Lord:

We hope for peace in your world;

we hope for peace in nation after nation.

We hope for peace, Lord,

wherever there is trouble,

wherever there is suffering.

We hope for peace. We hope for peace.

And so, Lord, as we come to you in prayer

we ask first of all that we may find

peace within ourselves,

peace within each one of us,

peace between each other

and to find you waiting there,

patiently waiting. Amen


God bless our baby…………..(name)

Through smiles and tears keep us joyful and patient.

In playtime and sleeping keep us watchful and loving.

In learning and growing give us wisdom and vision.

And in all our comings and goings, keep us safe in your loving care. Amen