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Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

Online Worship – Five Guidelines for Parishes from Church of Ireland Press Office

Covid-19: Guidance for Online Services

The following advice is being issued by the Church of Ireland Press Office to assist parishes and
dioceses which are considering online worship opportunities at this time.

Parishes and dioceses are strongly advised to:

1. Consider whether your parish has the resources at present to provide recorded or livestreamed
worship – parishes which do not wish to take on broadcasting are free to encourage and help
parishioners to watch or listen to services provided by others;

2. Consider carefully whether recording for uploading at a later time or livestreaming is the best
approach – recording gives an opportunity for speakers (with advice from others where
appropriate) to check and edit content before sharing this more widely;

3. Consider whether advertising will be displayed when your service is broadcast on a social media

4. Ensure that your copyright licence covers broadcasting where the livestreaming, recording or
performing of music and hymns is being considered – a performing rights licence may also be

5. Consult and follow the Church’s Social Media Guidelines and Safeguarding Trust & Adult
Safeguarding policies.

Christian Copyright Licensing International provides information on the copyright status of hymns
and songs. Please check the following websites before recording or livestreaming:

Social Media Guidelines:

Safeguarding Trust & Adult Safeguarding:

CCLI UK (for Northern Ireland):

CCLI Ireland (for Republic of Ireland):

Church of Ireland Press Office
19th March 2020